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Our MacOS, Windows, and Linux tools were all over the place. PrintFactory made sure *everything* is connected.

Our MacOS, Windows, and Linux tools were all over the place. PrintFactory made sure *everything* is connected.

“Our team prefer preparing jobs on MS Windows or MacOS machines. Design software works best on those systems, so that makes sense. But we wanted to cluster apps and RIP files on an industrial scale, so we needed a Linux server. I needed workflow software that could cope with three separate systems. That’s why I chose PrintFactory…”


Linux is a real workhorse. It’s ideally suited for use as a RIP server. It’s more reliable, it’s easier to get support for, and it just works more smoothly than the alternatives. But if your team is working on a computer that’s tied to the RIP, in MacOS, and your RIP is sitting on a Linux system, then you’re building problems and lag into your production workflow. Then there’s the security angle.

Some customers want additional guarantees about your security measures. Linux handles those criteria, where MS Windows can’t. But this means you’re depending on your RIP provider to cater for combination-environments and – to date – we don’t know another RIP or workflow software provider whose tools work across all three environments, seamlessly. PrintFactory is the answer.

PrintFactory handles every MacOS, Windows and Linux configuration with ease

MS Windows. MacOS. Linux. PrintFactory is powerful workflow software offering interoperability for industrial scale operations in a way that reflects those environments’ optimum setups. And if you’re working on a standalone network, with a single (V)LAN, the workflow is automatically configured, acting collectively as one single system. Here’s how it works…


Designers usually prefer MacOS-oriented software. Your back-office admin packages often run more smoothly on Windows machines. But serious LFP setups (and RIPs in particular) need an operating system that can handle heavyweight processing needs. Hence, Linux.

PrintFactory gets rid of the everyday headaches caused by these complex systems simply not talking to each other in a wide format print workflow.

It works. Several printer manufacturers now ship our PrintFactory engine inside their devices in an integrated package, because it’s a plug-and-play solution that truly works at scale… smoothly, off-the-shelf. 

When you’re trying hard to edit a file but not waste ink and media, trying to get the color right… nobody wants extra headaches to handle, like pieces of software that don’t like talking to each other.

We know, teams want to use the design software they understand best on a computer or operating system they’re familiar with. In short, your team won’t need to worry: all of their front-end applications will run smoothly in this mixed operating-system environment. Our support for MS Windows, MacOS and Linux means we cover all the bases.



workflow software

More than just a RIP

  • device-link profiling
  • better neutrals and greys
  • cleaner, sharper Spots
  • multiple substrates
  • bespoke templates
  • last-minute amends will never slow you down
  • edit like a design pro
  • works with all formats
  • supports Mac and PC
  • multiple installs
  • stack multiple files
  • add last-minute jobs
  • True-Shape nesting
  • total manual control
  • centralised XML RIP
  • distributed workflow
  • single file processing for increased productivity

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