It’s true, we were wide format printers once. We knew our workflows could improve, and so could our color management. But when the manufacturer-owned RIPs and ‘big’ RIPs weren’t delivering the goods, we decided to write the right software ourselves. We created a Super-RIP.

PrintFactory is 100% independent. We think for ourselves, and (hopefully) that means we’ll always think the way you do. You wanted software that could turn your team into better printers ~ profile-ninjas ~ and bring you bigger profits from day one? Okay. That’s what we did.

You could say we wrote some time-saving software. PrintFactory is a Super-RIP that handles repetitive tasks using networked apps, smart tools, and XML instructions to speed things up (instead of PDF processing, which slows things down). But that’s quite a mouthful. You might say our algorithms deliver higher-quality consistent color, anywhere, every single time, first time, by device-linking any number of printers across multi-platform networks … and that attention to color is our speciality. But that’s still too much for a Tweet.

We did write PrintFactory’s more advanced features with large, lights-out production and specialist printers in mind. Textiles. Ceramics. That kind of thing. But we also created features and wizards to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by every wide format printer today.

As printers ourselves, we know where the problems really are… 😉


Erik Strik

Erik Strik, our CEO, worked with some of the industry’s leading print pioneers for many years. You’ll recognise their names and, if you know Erik, then you’ll know he really does get excited about solving one of wide format’s biggest problems: color inconsistency.

Simon Landau

Simon has worked in large format, digital and offset printing for over 20 years. He’s our high-end color guru, a specialist in all things technical. He also worked with our largest UK reseller for several years, so he understands what’s important, day to day, for our dealers and our customers.

Toby Burnett

Toby has been working in software sales and business management for the printing industry for over 20 years. He works closely with dealers to ensure their customers get optimum results. Toby is responsible for supporting our dealer network in EMEA.

Ivan Khoo

Ivan joined Aurelon Asia Pacific as Managing Director in 2015. Prior to that, he was MD of GMG China Shanghai, managing the GMG operation in Asia. Ivan’s career has spanned advertising PR, sales development, marketing programs and training in color solutions sales.



  • device-link profiling
  • better neutrals and greys
  • cleaner, sharper Spots


  • multiple substrates
  • bespoke templates
  • last-minute amends will never slow you down


  • edit like a design-pro
  • works with all formats
  • supports Mac and PC
  • multiple installs


  • stack multiple files
  • add last-minute jobs
  • True-Shape nesting
  • total manual control


  • centralised XML RIP
  • distributed workflow
  • single file processing for increased productivity

Sold by Distributors, Supported by Printers

If you'd like to find out more about PrintFactory workflow software, send a quick note to us here at Head Office. We'll put you in touch with PrintFactory Distributors in your area.