Automation, the Cloud, and Industry 4.0

Download Simon Landau’s paper on Automation and Industry 4.0 for LFPs here. Find out how large format printers are discovering the first steps to Industry 4.0 may be easier than you think…

Automation, the Cloud, and Industry 4.0 for Large Format Production

If you were at #PrintingUnited 2019, you’ll have heard our Director of Strategic Partners – Simon Landau – explaining the benefits of moving towards Industry 4.0 in detail.

What’s holding us back with traditional large format workflows?

Which business trends could take the pace of change out of our hands?

What are the hidden hurdles to making the transition for an entire ecosystem?

And what’s the real reason why not enough printers are embracing Industry 4.0?

But don’t worry – if you weren’t at #PrintingUnited 2019, you can still find the answers to those questions here! 

Download a copy of Simon’s paper: 

Automation, the Cloud, and Industry 4.0.

“If you want to make higher profit margins,  then it pays dividends to start with small steps, looking very closely at your production workflow as it is today.

Industry 4.0 starts with the simplest steps…” 









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