Enabling network consistency at the Signs Express Convention

Last month we attended the Signs Express Convention in Manchester UK for the first time alongside our valued partner, Perfect Colours. The event provided a great opportunity to learn more about the unique challenges faced by printing franchises and demonstrate how the latest software developments can help overcome them.

Print shops operating a franchise model often run multiple RIPs across shops which can lead to an inconsistent colour output across the network. Having a single software solution across an entire network delivered by a SAAS-structed solution from one central hub is therefore an exciting prospect for franchises. Not only would this deliver real-time metrics from across the network, allowing for data-driven insights and site-specific assistance to be centrally-coordinated to maximise productivity and profitability, it can also guarantee a unified colour output across the franchise’s machines, ensuring consistency and quality time and time again.

Across a large franchise network, having a single front-end also comes with additional HR benefits. Businesses only need to train staff on a single software solution rather than multiple legacy systems, meaning that the operators can enjoy a consistent printing experience and save valuable time and resources on training.

Ink saving, color management, automation and workflow were all hot topics at the convention, bringing to light some of PrintFactory’s USP’s around fast production of high volume print jobs with ink savings in both bright and normalised color. This was great talking point among attendees at the show, as efficient production and consistent output means increased potential for revenue and productivity growth without compromising on job quality.