The Proof Was In The Printing At Fespa 2017

FESPA 2017 (8-12 May 2017, Hamburg, Germany) was a turning point for the PrintFactory team. It was the first time since making the decision to move forwards as an independent brand that we’d invested in a high profile trade show presence – putting PrintFactory out there as an entity in its own right and really championing the benefits of our evolving automated workflows.


The show surpassed all our expectations. Not least by leading to two new strategic partnerships with important LFP industry players that experienced, ‘live’ at the event, the real difference the PrintFactory platform can make to print quality through staying true to the colour palette but also in achieving absolute crispness and clarity of detail.

When an exhibitor and global developer and manufacturer of inkjet printers wanted to showcase the full extent of its capabilities to FESPA attendees, it called on PrintFactory to power its featured technologies. Not convinced that its existing software was putting its products in the best light, the team put PrintFactory to the test there and then. And the proof was in the printing.

Even though the outputs were produced from the same printer, using the same settings and media, there was a stark contrast between the results driven by PrintFactory and those from a rival RIP solutions provider. The upshot is that we are now proud to have on board a new customer who is, in turn, proud to recommend PrintFactory to its end-users and dealer networks. In fact, we now count their Spanish and Portuguese agent as a valued strategic partner.

Though they were impressed with the colour and quality differences demonstrated using their customer’s technology at FESPA, the dealer understandably believed that these differences could simply be down to poorly created profiles. After achieving the same results off-site, using profiles built by their own technicians, however, the owner was keen to convert to the PrintFactory platform. As well as the consistency and quality of output, the speed and ease of managing the workflow solution via a cloud-based app sealed the deal and certainly made FESPA 2017 a rousing success all-round.

Bring on FESPA 2018 and the opportunity to show even more of the wide-format world why it’s time to redefine print shop workflows together – just like our new customer and their agent are starting to do on the back of this year’s event.

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