Getting the best from FESPA2019 – PrintFactory’s 5 Top Tips

This week, we are at #FESPA2019. Do you have a plan for that huge expo stand plan?! Here are our 5 Top Tips to help you get the best from this great show…

It’s #FESPA2019, Europe’s largest international wide format professional printing exhibition. With over 700 exhibitors to see in six halls, do you have a plan for handling that huge stand plan?! These are our 5 Top Tips for Getting the Best from #FESPA2019:

1. Put on your blue suede shoes

No, seriously. It’s a good idea to wear a great pair of shoes. With more than 700 exhibitors, you’ll be walking a lot. Comfortable footwear is a must. Pack a pair of trainers, put a new battery in your FitBit (and if you need a break, stop by Stand G31 in Hall 5 to see us!)

2. Give out lots of business cards

Business cards. In these days of digital-everything, they do seem a little old-fashioned – but we love them. Do you have plenty of business cards with you? We all use ID scanners, but we still like to feel a nice piece of print in our hands. Maybe we should offer a prize for the best business-card we get during the show? Now there’s an idea!

3. Say, ‘Hello’. But say, ‘…tell me more?’ too.

We’re on a mission. You’re on a mission. Let’s not leave this to chance. In these days of quick-fire emails and instant messaging, it’s great to have face-to-face meetings – it’s the whole reason for visiting FESPA2019.

Plus, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Be curious, feel free to ask what everybody does in detail. (We’re bringing a team of automation and wide format printing software experts to the show, so we’ll be ready for your toughest technical questions. We hope to have the answers!)

4. Plan ahead – check out the standplan 

Here’s the official FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 standplan, courtesy of FESPA. We reckon the best way to handle this, is to use a marker pen, make a list of who you’d like to see and people you’d love to meet – and then set off in one of three ways:

  1. stick to a plan, know your route and don’t get distracted;
  2. start with good intentions, but be open to tempting stands offering goodies to everyone who passes; or,
  3. show your free spirit, wander the aisles for a while, but then head on over to Stand G31 in Hall B5 – where we’ll be waiting for you!

[Our Bonus Tip: Goodie-bags are great, but shows like #FESPA2019 can give you so-ooo much more. Connections. New business. Savings, and new ways to please your customers (and your customers’ customers, of course). So…

Make sure you get a copy of exhibitors’ contact details on your phone (take a quick photo), just as often as they ask to take yours!


We were printers too, once. We clocked up the miles at expos ourselves, a few years ago, and then decided to create the wide format printing software we really needed for better printing and bigger profits. That’s a plug for us, by the way. ? 

Some wise words here from Toby Burnett, our Sales Director in EMEA:

“The best show strategy? Make a list of the companies you’d like to see AND the products you can’t afford to miss.

It’s not hard to find businesses online after the event. But it’s easier to get a feel for people and find out what products can do for your business, in person… and that happens on the stand.” 

5. Finally, it’s FESPA – enjoy the show!

Visiting an exhibition like #FESPA2019 shouldn’t be stressful. We know it can be busy, especially as there’ll be over 20,000 visitors.

But you’re here to network, meet new people, find inspiration and check out all the products and services making life easier in wide format printing and signage… and that should be fun, shouldn’t it?!


Don’t forget to stop by and say hello. You’ll find us on the stand-plan in Hall 5, at the bottom … there … down a bit … that’s us, we’re PrintFactory. We’d love to hear how your show is going, come along and see our workflow software first-hand!

Find us at FESPA

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14 – 17 MAY 2019