Leveraging The Latest Developments For LFP:
The Océ Colorado 1640

The launch of Canon’s Océ Colorado has brought many, well publicised benefits to the top end of the wide-format print world. Offering the first and only macOS solution capable of driving this impressive machine, PrintFactory software is already supporting LFP operations across the U.S. and Europe in maximising the Océ’s time, cost and reputation saving features. There is a lot of interest coming from the Benelux regions, in particular, where our distributor Nauta Sign is successfully showcasing the power of fully integrating the latest hardware and software capabilities.

As the pioneers of a cloud-based suite which can support a raft of rich functions, like those that set the Océ apart, we believe the next 12-18 months could be the tipping point for digital print as the technology to achieve extended, independent run times becomes ever more accessible – delivering unprecedented levels of productivity and profitability.

To find out how PrintFactory can help get the most out of your hardware assets visit: https://printfactory.cloud/#solutions

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