Lower Ink Costs 

Better printing, bigger profits

PrintFactory is workflow software that reduces your ink bills while at the same time, increases your print quality. Here’s how…

It means lower ink costs, not lower standards

The real problem with color, is that it’s more than the sum of its parts. And in the process of constantly chasing color, there’s a chance you’ll always use more ink than you need to and still get imperfect results – unless your workflow software uses device-link profiles.
PrintFactory lets you create device-link profiles in just a few clicks. With them, you get more vivid color – you use less ink in the process – and there’s absolutely no degradation in quality.


In contrast to ICC profiles, device-link profiles convert color data directly from CMYK-to-CMYK. ICC profiles, on the other hand, move through another color space first, which gives you less control over the K channel. As a result, other inks get laid down to compensate; outputs lose their neutral tones and can become ever-so-slightly pink, blue or green.

However, with device-link profiles, less ink gets laid down and there’s no risk of color contamination. Quite simply, you get the color you want. Plus, our Calibrator turns the whole team into profile-ninjas – so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll make these device-link profiles. We’ve included a simple 3-click wizard that does it all for you.


Device-link profiles don’t compress or expand a printer’s gamut the way the ICC profiles do. Instead, device-link technology translates a profile directly onto the printer’s gamut with a mix of colorimetric and perceptual rendering, which combine to be known as visual matching.

This ‘true rendition’ of color means there’s not as much need for extra colored ink. Consistent color is guaranteed. As are your savings, using up to 20% less ink in the process – all of the time. What’s more, with Calibrator running, you can be matching the calibration on different printers in 10 to 20 mins: our Delta-e tolerances are proofing quality from the outset. This means you can load-balance with ease. You can do repeat jobs too – saving files as a template to use a few weeks or even months later – with 100% confidence in the colour.

Just think. Your print quality is the same, if not better. But how much extra profit-margin could you be making with PrintFactory?