New Release 5.0.19


PrintFactory 5.0.19 has now been released in the downloads section of PrintFactory Cloud.  Key highlights of the new version include:

The following drivers have been added:

  • Handtop – R5_600/R5_720/K_598/K_726/K_605/K_498
  • XSJ – H1-DX5/H1-WF5113/H1-DX5/H1-WF5113
  • FY-Union-1325G – Added CMYKWV
  • Toshiba – CF3 Driver* – Added Print Modes
  • WanLiDa – Added Print Modes
  • Xenons M-UV – Added Print Modes
  • Colourstek – 1024GS-2* – Added Print Modes
  • Century FD – Changed Print Modes
  • DOCAN G5 – Change Ink Setup
  • FY-3208 – Added 720 DPI Resolutions
  • FEDAR – Changed Print Modes
  • SwissQprint Impala 2i and Nyala 2i – Added 1080×360/1080×1080 Resolutions
  • AMD Cutter Driver
  • Dilli UV Neosun Hybrid series printer
  • VUTEK 3r/5r driver
  • Valiani Cutter driver – Optima V160/V80
  • HP Scitex FB 17000 driver
  • Durst Gamma 98 XD driver
  • A new Bleed preset has been added to Layout called ‘Document’, which uses the existing bleed from the PDF (if available) when applying bleed settings.
  • An option has been added to Split AB pages for printers that are double-sided capable so the job can be split into 2 jobs. The option is only visible for double-sided capable printers (Mimaki, Inca, etc)

The new version is available to customers with a valid maintenance contract.  Please log into PrintFactory Cloud and go to Support/Downloads to download this version.

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