PrintFactory Pricing


PrintFactory is supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service). Our plans include everything you need to start saving money and improving your workflow from day one – and our software handles 2,000+ printers and devices.

Do you need to keep your CapEx down? Then monthly or annual payments may work best for you. Would you prefer a one-off purchase on a perpetual license?It’s up to you how you pay for PrintFactory.

Our pricing is transparent. There are no hidden costs.

Check the pricing right now for your combination of printers / devices with our PrintFactory Pricing Calculator… 

Low cost. Really low.

PrintFactory FOCUS is the low-cost version of our software. It includes ICC profiling, our editor app, layout tools, support for roll-to-roll cutters and queue-based automation. PrintFactory FOCUS is Ideal for smaller businesses (such as signmakers) or midweight large format printers.

PrintFactory FOCUS includes:

  • PrintFactory’s Editor app
  • PrintFactory’s Calibrator 
  • PrintFactory’s Layout tools (smart nesting means instant drops in media wastage – but we still give you complete manual control…)
  • Flexible cutting support 
  • Basic automation via queues


Using more than one computer? More than a couple of printers? Then you need PrintFactory PRODUCTIONThis software handles extensive remote setups with several editors and multiple printers or cutters. Total control. Consistent color, and completely scalable workflows.

PrintFactory PRODUCTION includes:

  • Unlimited installs of PrintFactory’s Layout and Editor apps, RIPs, and cutter drivers
  • A color engine that improves print quality and lets you start saving ink from day one
  • Tools that quickly prepare, print and cut jobs with greater control over nesting and layouts

PrintFactory PRODUCTION provides a workflow that can grow as your production ability increases. And you’ll only pay for the printer drivers you use… 

Enterprise OPERATIONS.

If you’re connecting to MIS/ERP systems, doing lights-out production or just-in-time nesting then you need PrintFactory AUTOMATION. Contact us now to book an on-site consultation.

In addition to our complete set of apps and tools, your business will benefit from:

  • Full integration with Web-2-Print
  • A deadline-centric workflow that includes dynamic job scheduling
  • Bi-directional integration with ERP and MIS systems for submitting jobs, getting estimates, and drawing off client-centric reporting
  • Unlimited scalability to handle your business’s seasonal peaks and troughs


Sold by Distributors, Supported by Printers

If you'd like to find out more about PrintFactory workflow software, send a quick note to us here at Head Office. We'll put you in touch with PrintFactory Distributors in your area.