PrintFactory Pricing


PrintFactory comes in a Software as a Service format, or as an on-premise install; it’s up to you. We call it Digital PayPer. SaaS is a way of buying PrintFactory workflow software on a low-cost payment plan.

Lower capex. Bigger profits, better managed. 

Want to see how much PrintFactory costs? Of course you do! Check out the prices for your devices with our PrintFactory Pricing Calculator. (Or, if you prefer, you could go for a one-off purchase including 12 months of free upgrades…)

If in doubt, get in touch. We’re happy to talk it all through.

Low cost. Really low.

It’s the low-cost edition of PrintFactory. PrintFactory FOCUS includes ICC profiling, our intuitive editor, layout tools, support for roll-to-roll cutters and queue-based automation.

Ideal if you’re a smaller business – like a signmaker – or a midweight wide format printer. You’ll get:

  • PrintFactory’s Editor tool
  • PrintFactory’s Calibrator – guaranteeing consistent color
  • PrintFactory’s Layout tools, for creating standard ICC profiles
  • Flexible cutting support and basic automation via queues

It means business. So do you.

Using more than one computer? More than a couple of printers? Okay, then you need PrintFactory PRODUCTIONIt handles extensive, remote setups with several editors and a dozen printers or cutters. Total control. Consistent color. Save time, save ink, save money. YEAH!

We’re talking scalable workflows. Tools and software that grow as production ability increases: 

  • Unlimited Layout and Editor tools, RIPs and cutter drivers
  • Our color engine, improving print quality and ink saving
  • More tools to quickly prepare, print and cut jobs
  • And you’ll only pay for the printer drivers you use

Enterprise and more

Big boys’ toys. If you’re connecting to MIS/ERP systems, doing lights-out production or just-in-time nesting already, PrintFactory AUTOMATION is the plan for you. treatment. Contact us now to book an on-site consultation.

If you’re talking full lights-out production, industry 4.0 and all that jazz… this is the one for you. We’ll set you up after a visit. As well as everything else, you’ll get:

  • Full integration with Web-2-Print
  • Deadline-centric workflow with dynamic job scheduling
  • Bi-directional integration with ERP and MIS systems for job submission, estimation and reporting
  • Unlimited scalability to cope with seasonal peaks and troughs

Sold by Distributors, Supported by Printers

If you'd like to find out more about PrintFactory workflow software, send a quick note to us here at Head Office. We'll put you in touch with PrintFactory Distributors in your area.