PrintFactory’s nesting and tiling tools.
Helping you work smarter, not harder. 

Frustrated by how much media you waste? 

Nobody likes putting media in the bin. Some jobs are too big to print in one pass, so you do need to split them up. And sometimes it’s better to collate small jobs, so you’re making best use of the substrate.

The trouble is, this take practice. Everyone has different ideas about what the best layout will be. What you need, is a nesting and tiling tool that prepares jobs like a dream – and can handle your worst nightmares.

PrintFactory’s nesting and tiling tools. Smart AND flexible. 

PrintFactory works like a Tetris-genius … finding exactly the right combination of layouts to make the most of your media. However, unlike other wide format printing software on the market today, PrintFactory’s nesting tool lets you make manual changes to ‘perfect’ layouts too. 

In theory, options like ‘conserve media’ or ‘group jobs’ are a good idea. But you might have a need to move parts of a job around on the substrate – so they’re easier to work with, or cut, or send on to another team.

Even if different people send jobs to the same (or different) devices from multiple workstations, PrintFactory’s nesting tool gives you complete control. It works out the best possible layout. Our nesting and tiling tool can also store jobs as templates, so your team can quickly create a ‘mirror image’ for two sides of a building or a vehicle.

Better printing, bigger profits.

Before we started creating software for wide format printers, we were printers too. We know how much of our bottom-line ended up in the bin every day, simply because it’s hard to get perfect layouts. So, we set out to create nesting and tiling tools that would let us stop wasting media, save money, save time AND let us stay in control of what’s being printed…

Handle complex layouts

Let’s use those vehicle wraps as an example. PrintFactory enables you to split that one complete graphic into over 200 pieces with numerous types and sizes of overlaps.

Save time with Templates

Those complex layouts can also be stored as a template, to mirror both sides. It means a better finish, less wasted ink and media, and the freedom to change your mind about what’s printed where, when, and how.  👍

Print on multiple substrates

You might be using one-way-vision materials for windows, low-tack vinyl for metal and high-tack vinyl for plastic parts, like bumpers. PrintFactory handles them all. 

Nesting and tiling

PrintFactory’s nesting tool can take all of that into account and still deliver the best possible layout – but with total control, still in the operator’s hands, AND the confidence you’ll get the right color.


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