PrintFactory Takes The Stage At SignPro’s College Day

We were delighted to be invited to speak at SignPro Benelux Magazine’s College Day seminar on workflow automation...

PrintFactory takes the stage at SignPro’s College Day

We’re committed to supporting print shops in maximizing the benefits of the latest software developments, and so we were delighted to be invited to speak at SignPro Benelux Magazine’s College Day seminar on workflow automation.

Held in the beautiful surroundings of the Piet Hein Eek hall in Eindhoven, the College Day seminar was attended by 70 delegates and PrintFactory’s CEO, Erik Strik, was there to discuss the business benefits of automated workflows and how the print industry can take the first steps towards full, cloud-based automation.

Erik began his presentation by outlining a simple checklist for implementing automation. In all cases, print shops need the appropriate software and hardware to automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, but many forget the most basic yet important prerequisite to automating their processes: guaranteeing a 100% calibrated and predictable color output across devices.

If jobs do not come out perfectly the first time they are printed, Erik advised, businesses waste valuable time, money and resources on correcting any errors. Even if a business is completely automated, its advantages are lost if the presses must be stopped to edit or reprint. Once a business is able to guarantee colour consistency and quality, they are ready to enjoy the full benefits of automation.

Erik also provided a detailed breakdown of typical manual job cycles and the significant impact that extra hours in prepress from manual troubleshooting and color manipulation can have on production and profitability.

To give the audience a transparent view on automated workflow processes in daily practice, these manual job cycle cost breakdowns were compared with real-life examples of PrintFactory customers’ job cycles before and after automation. By reducing the time and cost spent per job before going into production through automating existing workflows, there was clear evidence of massive revenue and productivity growth.

The event was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the different types of workflow automation and the related benefits. Software vendors also had the chance to address the challenges faced by a number of attendees using manual workflows.

While recent statistics suggest that just under one in five print businesses plan to be fully automated by 2019, the growing popularity of education sessions such as SignPro’s College Days indicates a shift in attitude as the wide format print industry begins to embrace a smarter way of working.

All photos courtesy of SignPro Benelux.