Seven Key Milestones In Our Chinese Success Story

With a thirst for technology, Asia is clearly a key growth market. If there’s a quicker, slicker way of doing things, the Chinese commercial print sector will want to be a part of it. Here we document our journey in pictures as PrintFactory platforms start to make their mark on the all-important Asian market via Aurelon China’s carefully mapped distribution channels:


  • September 25, 2015, Beijing TOPPAN and Aurelon China sign a cooperative agreement for three years. Further negotiations have since enabled Beijing TOPPAN to strengthen its ties with Aurelon – leveraging the company’s reputation across the commercial printing sector and specifically within the advertising inkjet market. This was the start of a strong strategic partnership that crucially widened the net of wide-format businesses that could benefit from a new way of working – with speed, ease and massive cost savings.
  • July 2016, Shanghai, PrintFactory’s CEO-Erik Strik visits Yan, the General manager of graphic design company Yimo. Founded in 2000, Yimo is a professional large format inkjet printing company. An existing customer of PrintFactory’s GMG MX engine they are keen to combine production and color management more closely.
  • March 10, 2016 Fei Yeung Union becomes a strategic partner of Aurelon China. PrintFactory’s Erik Strik and the CEO of Aurelon Asia, Ivan Khoo, attend an official ceremony to celebrate this important collaboration. It is reported that Aurelon and Fei Yeung Union will work together to develop a tailored color management system (United Fancy CMS) for Fei Yeung.


  • April 12, 2016 Epson China enters into a partnership with Aurelon China. Mr Huang – the director of printing operations in Epson China – and Aurelon China’s CEO Ivan Khoo sign a special agreement that sets out the benefits for both parties. Rather than simply being a commercial deal, there is a real determination to carve out a joint offer that truly meets evolving customer needs. Recognizing that print businesses are no longer beholden to the quality of the equipment and software provided by the manufacturer, the partners make a pact to show the sector a different way of doing things – with an approach that is just as much about levels of support service and user experience, as it is choice of platform.
  • PrintFactory’s CEO, Erik Strik, with New Century at the 25th International Advertising Technology Equipment Exhibition. The digital printing technology company – based in Zhengzhou –  drives forward a research and development programme concerned with wide-format print and related supplies, as well as the production and sales of high-tech enterprises.


  • September 1, 2016, Shandong Hapond Electromechanical Technology Co. Ltd. and Aurelon China become OEM partners. Aurelon sets out to develop specially designed drivers for their machines that will enhance their professional color management capabilities but, ultimately, it’s the high level of technical support that will go on to set them apart.



  • 31st July 2017, Wayne Yeh takes up the position of Sales Director Asia Pacific and Kevin Chuang joins the technical department in Asia as Technical Manager Asia Pacific.

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