SGIA and PrintFactory webinar now available on-demand

“Color management costs me time and money, but there’s no way I can afford a lights-out production set-up – or is there?”

It’s a good question. The answer is in this short webinar,

Simon Landau – our Head of Sales – explains why ‘sticking with the status quo’ can be slowing growth (and profits) for print shops of all sizes. Color management doesn’t have to be a dark art. PSPs don’t need to run several wasted print cycles by chasing perfect color, and wasting time, materials and resources.

Simon looks at the ‘back to front approach’ for removing bottlenecks in a workflow. It’s a must-see for wide-format printers who’d like to maximize the productivity of (and profits from) their existing kit and double, or even treble their throughput using the same resource.

The webinar (hosted by SGIA), also explores why it’s so important to set a baseline before moving to lights-out automation. Outputting consistent, accurate color across every substrate with the minimum amount of ink usage is a must – as Simon explains, leading into a quickfire Q&A:

  • How can you eliminate workflow inefficiencies?
  • How can overcome color matching issues easily, for maximum productivity?
  • How can you speed up client file deliveries – what do you need to do, to integrate design applications into your workflow, and how can you match output to proofs more easily?

The session was hosted as part of SGIA’s popular webinar series and moderated by the association’s Head of Content, Dan Marx. Watch the webinar here, and you’ll discover how great questions about breaking color convention can lead to the right answers for PSPs who’d like their wide-format businesses to have an all-round more productive workflow.