Smarter Job Prep

Better printing, bigger profits

PrintFactory is workflow software that comes with an in-app editor so good, you’ll never need another design license. Plus, no more ‘islands’ in your workflow, slowing your print production down….

Better printing, guaranteed

With PrintFactory’s Editor in place, your team will be working smarter not harder. Check, fix, and process more files in less time. It’s as easy as that.

PrintFactory’s in-app Editor gives you all the key editing features of premium design software (such as In-Design and Photoshop), and more. Fixing fonts, changing images, tweaking artwork and moving type around the page – sure, that’s easy. But it’s the cross-network connection to device-link profiling that will make a difference to your business.


If you have several printers, you’ve probably got ‘islands’ in your workflow. Printers, RIPs and computers not connected to each other.

Pre-press teams tend to work with the Adobe Suite and, quite rightly, prefer Macs to work on. But production tools are ‘bolted’ onto the RIP, which usually runs off MS Windows or Linux. What’s more, you’ll usually find pre-press in an office, but production gets done on the shop floor. So: you’ve got multiple licenses for editing software (which can only be used by one person at a time), and more room for error, re-submitting jobs. Plus, you’ve probably got RIP-operators editing too … instead of focusing on what they’re best at, which is maintaining your printers.

However, PrintFactory’s Editor works right across your network. It’s agnostic, it works with MacOS, MS Windows, and Linux. And you can have multiple installs in any location. This means job-prep can be done where you need it to be, your people are never tied to working on just one RIP, and you’re not creating bottlenecks with last-minute amends.

Using a centralized RIP moves the tools away from different stations and gives your team the freedom to work wherever they want to – on-site, or not. It also gives you unprecedented visibility of the entire workflow.


Let’s not overlook the basic features we’ve included with the Editor. From font styles, to typographic errors, to kerning, to image sizes – and colours – PrintFactory’s Editor gives you all the versatility of a complete design package, inside the workflow software.

PrintFactory’s Editor uses the same PDF engine that’s driving the RIP. So the amends you see on screen are the amends you’ll print. Font; image; colour; scale; adjust; reformat – all done in-app. No studio time involved.

It works with most files formats, too: PDFs, PSDs, TIFFs, JPGs, EPS and AI. There’s no need to close one piece of software, open another, find and import the file, amend the typo, tweak the colors on the image, check, do a save-as, close the file, switch back, jam up the server … none of that.

In fact, our customers tell us they prefer PrintFactory’s Editor to any other design package. (Sorry, Adobe.)


The trouble is, when you’re working on something like a floor graphic, wall-sized map or mural, building graphics or vehicle wraps …

… the limitations of design programmes do make life difficult. What’s more, a lot artwork won’t fit 1:1 on the canvas in Adobe’s Illustrator or InDesign software. That’s a recipe for disaster when the job gets into production.

But with PrintFactory, you don’t need to do any maths or make notes in a job bag. Our editor tool works the way a designer thinks. Unlimited brain power (we know some cool designers). If there’s a sizing field in our software, then you can type in the finished size of a job. Type in ‘ft’ – work in feet. Type in ‘m’ – work in metres. Or inches, or centimetres. It’s unlimited scaling with zero room for error, so your RIP-operators don’t need to work things out to scale. Easy.


Device-link profiles don’t compress or expand a printer’s gamut the way the ICC profiles do. Instead, device-link technology translates a profile directly onto a printer’s gamut with a mix of colorimetric and perceptual rendering, which combine to be known as visual matching.

This ‘true rendition’ of color means there’s not as much need for extra colored ink. Consistent color is guaranteed. As are your savings, using up to 20% less ink in the process – all of the time. What’s more, with Calibrator running, you can be matching the calibration on different printers in 10 to 20 mins: our Delta-e tolerances are proofing quality from the outset. This means you can load-balance with ease. You can do repeat jobs too – saving files as a template to use a few weeks or even months later – with 100% confidence in the colour.

Just think. Your print quality is the same, if not better. But how much extra profit-margin could you be making with PrintFactory?