PrintFactory JIT Nesting


PrintFactory’s Just-in-Time Nesting tool lets you make smart changes or manual adjustments to jobs right up to the last second – without slowing down your production.  

PrintFactory Just-In-Time Nesting does what it says on the tin. It lets you make layout changes, right up until the minute you want to print — always looking for optimal nesting solutions, always giving you the option to change your mind and add a job, change a job, move jobs around on a sheet or in a queue. 

(With linear nesting, your jobs come in and they get collated during the day. Different substrates and medias. When a sheet is full, you generate a job, send it to the RIP and print it. But if a rush job comes in or you have to print less than ideal layouts, then that throws everything out of the window, including your profit margins!)

With PrintFactory’s JIT Tool in your workflow, jobs don’t get released until it’s actually time to start printing. Every time a job comes in, the smart technology in the JIT tool might be able to find a better nesting solution. It’s schedule driven, which means you’re working to ‘ultimate’ production efficiency, scheduling jobs automatically, saving media, working most effectively.

Try a new layout. Try a different layout. Try this size, try that size, use a different kind of stock – the JIT tool handles all last-minute changes without slowing down your production.

It’s XML-driven, and there’s seamless API integration with your workflow if you want it. (Plus an MIS connector, of course.) 


  • Last-minute manual changes, reflecting production preferences
  • Automatic last-second nesting for optimal use of media
  • Move jobs, change jobs, choose different substrates – all JIT
  • Speeds up production of complex job queues, boosts profit margins

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