Wide Format Printing Disaster Recovery

What Can You Do, When It All Goes Wrong?

If your customers are depending on you to meet a deadline, you must have disaster recovery plans in place. The larger and more complex your workflow is, the more confidence you need in those plans.

The ideal scenario is a one-stop solution that removes the concerns about business interruption due to power failure, data interruption, network failures, hardware failures, telecommunications issues, or even human intervention. People can be unreliable. A total network failure may be caused by someone deleting a critical file without realising it, or by spreading a virus unintentionally – or by spilling a glass of water. Accidents can happen (and although it is rare, sabotage is possible).

In today’s world, too, where connected large format operations may be working in satellite locations anywhere in the world, natural disasters are also a factor over which you have no control. Unlikely risks perhaps, but a possible situation. And wherever there’s a possibility of risk, regulatory pressures also have a part to play in organising a disaster recovery plan. It’s not just about meeting the needs of your customers, it’s about satisfying expectations to meet standards.


Don’t Panic. Trust PrintFactory.

Many wide format printers still rely on making physical back-ups of data, on or off site. But the most reliable plan you can have is a cloud-based disaster recovery for wide format printing – constant, reliable, seamless back-ups of your data –you’re your profiles, and all of your previous profiles too. In this way, you have the added peace of mind of knowing the datasets (profiles) to deliver a customer’s jobs are covered, no matter when they ask for a reprint. This is where PrintFactory steps in.

PrintFactory can be easily installed onsite, too, but the ideal solution is an active, subscription driven, cloud-based solution – SaaS. Software as a Solution. Your data is protected. Your profiles – and your previous profiles – are backed-up, too. There’s no debate on version problems, you retain complete control over versions available, and your business (and your customers’ confidence) is protected 24/7.