LFP Printers Can Double Output With Cloud-based Automation



New industry report reveals how automated workflows are revolutionizing the print industry


The automation revolution is in full swing. Businesses from multiple sectors are leaping to harness the potential of new technology to streamline production, minimize time wastage and save money.

However, large format print (LFP) businesses are a notable exception. Despite offering clear advantages, the industry has been reticent to embrace the enhanced functionality on offer.

So what’s holding inkjet operators back? How many concerns are genuine—and how much is simply resistance to change at the expense of efficiency?

That’s the question we tackle in our new industry report: Redefining wide-format workflows to realize revenue at every opportunity.

The in-depth paper sets out the scale of the opportunity, the shifting trends beginning to disrupt the status quo, and the technology that’s making it possible.

Cutting through complexity

Putting the automation revolution into context, we debunk misconceptions around cloud-based solutions while providing a frank assessment of challenges like security and disruption, and how to overcome barriers to adoption.

Cashing in on compelling efficiencies

The report reveals how early adopters are enjoying up to 100% productivity gains with minimal investment in resources and how software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms boost financial flexibility and cut capex to ease the pressure in a world of notoriously low margins.

Breaking down the possibilities

We also hone in on features, including web-to-workflow solutions, real-time reporting on ink and media usage, and a detailed look at dynamic nesting—which enables jobs to be delivered to the relevant RIP/printers automatically.

What is the LFP world waiting for?

The wide-format print industry may have shown signs of holding back, but it is  now poised on the verge of a cloud-driven revolution.

Data driven solutions offer the tantalising prospect of fully automated color management and a 24/7 lights-out operation co-ordinating multiple printers over different locations and helping to make costly idle time a thing of the past.

Want to find out more? Download the report now 

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