Maximize Efficiency and Minimize Waste with PrintFactory

PrintFactory is a revolutionary print software ecosystem that not only optimizes your print layouts but also allows for easy modifications and late job additions. Here’s how it can transform your printing process:

PrintFactory offers advanced nesting, ganging, and optimized tiling features, along with true-shape capabilities, mirror templates, cut-path editing, and comprehensive bleed settings. But it’s not just about what you can do with smart layouts—it’s how the software works that truly matters. We’ve taken a unique approach to reduce your media wastage while giving you more control over your operations and profits, and it all revolves around XML.

While other RIPs rely on processing resource-intensive PDFs, PrintFactory’s SuperFast RIP takes a different path. Instead of moving or creating PDFs, our SuperFast RIP generates and reads XML instructions. This means faster production and eliminates the need to resubmit jobs. With PrintFactory’s Layout tool, you can describe file placement, media usage, and individual profiles using XML instructions.

The final RIP reads the XML instructions, providing details on file location, layout selection, printer choice, profiles, and media setup—file by file. This streamlined approach ensures mirror bleeds are handled within nanoseconds and last-minute jobs add mere minutes to production time. Say goodbye to a day’s work set up for the wrong printer. PrintFactory’s SuperFast RIP engages in a real-time conversation, working smarter, not harder. No network lag, media errors, or layout mistakes—just faster production guaranteed.

PrintFactory’s nesting tools resolve basic layout challenges. While it’s hard to imagine a wide format printer still manually laying out every job, it’s not uncommon. Our intelligent Layout tool optimizes media usage with perfect layouts every time.

What sets PrintFactory apart is that it allows you to make manual changes to those layouts. You can easily move job components around substrates for improved workability, cutting, or handover to another team.

With PrintFactory, you have full control and flexibility.

We understand the repetitive nature of certain print jobs. Why waste time doing the same thing repeatedly? With PrintFactory’s Layout tool, you can save jobs as templates, enabling your team to quickly create mirror images for double-sided prints on buildings or vehicles. For complex tasks like vehicle wraps that involve multiple substrates, such as low-tack vinyl for metal and high-tack vinyl for plastic parts, along with one-way-vision materials for windows, PrintFactory’s Layout tool considers all substrates and delivers optimal layouts while keeping control in your team’s hands. that what you see on your screen will be flawlessly reproduced, no matter where your print devices are located.

With PrintFactory, you’ll experience heightened efficiency, reduced media waste, and the freedom to adapt to any last-minute changes.

Take charge of your printing process and unlock its true potential with PrintFactory’s advanced print software ecosystem.



Artex uses PrintFactory to help them with color consistency and to waste less fabric

“PrintFactory is great software for textile printing. Reliable and consistent colour, no matter which kind of fabric we’re using….”