Achieve Consistent Color Every Time with PrintFactory

PrintFactory is a powerful print software ecosystem that ensures consistent color output across all printers and substrates, regardless of the time or distance between print jobs. Here’s how it works:

Our customers love PrintFactory because it delivers exceptional color results consistently, whether it’s vibrant, accurate, or strong colors. No matter the substrate or environmental conditions, our software guarantees consistent color reproduction even when months or miles apart.

Unlike traditional ICC profiles that rely on calculations in an intermediate color space, we eliminate potential errors caused by complex mathematical operations, substrate variations, or external factors. With device-link profiling, we establish direct CMYK-to-CMYK conversions, providing precise instructions tailored to your specific printers’ color spaces. The result? You get the exact color you desire.

By using device-link profiles to define a “golden state” initial setting, PrintFactory’s software can automatically benchmark subsequent outputs. This allows for iterative recalibration in nearly real-time, promptly reflecting and correcting any changes caused by printing environments or media variations. This ensures that your color output remains accurate and consistent over time.

With our device-link profiles, you can achieve consistently cheaper color output without compromising on saturation or quality. These profiles offer a perfect visual match, allowing you to reduce ink consumption while maintaining vibrant colors. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses without sacrificing the quality of your prints.

Designers often face challenges when translating their creative visions to the production floor. Print jobs that look great on screens or proofs often fail to meet expectations when printed. Running costly trial prints to ensure color accuracy is time-consuming and inefficient. Factors like heat, moisture, printer drift, and media variances can all affect the final results.

However, with PrintFactory’s Editor Desktop App and calibrated monitor, what you see on your screen is precisely what will be printed. Our Editor provides on-screen soft proofs, analyzing RGB and CMYK details to give you 100% reliable representations of your prints. You can trust that the output will match your expectations, eliminating the need for trial prints and reducing unnecessary ink and media waste.

PrintFactory’s Desktop Calibrator App empowers your entire team to become color profile experts. With PrintFactory’s Desktop Editor App, you can easily analyze RGB and CMYK details, ensuring accurate soft proofs on your screen. If needed, you can make manual adjustments directly within the app. This eliminates the risk of wasting ink, media, or money on incorrect prints. Simply verify your satisfaction with the on-screen representation, send it to the RIP, and rest assured that what you see on your screen will be flawlessly reproduced, no matter where your print devices are located.

PrintFactory’s innovative print software ecosystem guarantees consistent color reproduction, ensuring that your prints maintain the desired color fidelity. Additionally, you can achieve significant cost savings by using up to 30% less ink without compromising on quality. With PrintFactory, you can enjoy reliable and cost-effective color printing every time.



Moti Digital use PrintFactory to improve their productivity and save time and money, while achieving consistent color across multiple devices. 

“I am amazed with the results and installing PrintFactory has been the right move for us – without question.”