PrintFactory includes world class color management technology with advanced features that address the challenges faced by print operators in achieving accurate and consistent color reproduction.
The result is better color reproduction, cleaner, more vivid color, and consistent, cost-effective printing without diluting saturation or quality. Includes tools to Conquer Metamerism


Using PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop Tool is an easy and reliable way to achieve consistent color reproduction across different devices. Device-Link profiles ensure the same results every time, without the need for pre-print proofs.

Calibrator supports all common spectrophotometers, making profiling simple and providing total confidence in color reproduction.


VISU™  is included in PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop Tool.

Device-link profiling engine simplifies color management, making it accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of digital printing.

VISU™ makes device-link profiling easy and accessible.


EcoSave™ is included in PrintFactory’s Calibrator Desktop Tool.

EcoSave™ mode saves up to 30% in ink and media costs consistently without compromising quality.