Our Technology



PrintFactory is one ecosystem which includes Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps and tools – all integrated to increase efficiency and consistency. All for the the price of a single subscription.


PrintFactory is versatile and scalable print software that enables job preparation to take place where it’s most convenient, eliminates the need for users to be tied to a single RIP, and prevents bottlenecks caused by last-minute changes. PrintFactory is independent software developed by printers who understand the importance of improving workflows and color management. With support for over 3500 devices, it seamlessly integrates with external systems, enabling two-way communication and providing valuable feedback. 
PrintFactory is designed to be operating system agnostic, meaning it seamlessly operates on any connected device, whether it runs macOS, Windows, or Linux. Enjoy the flexibility of using PrintFactory across different platforms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for all users.


PrintFactory incorporates advanced color technology that consistently delivers superior and precise color reproduction on various substrates, regardless of environmental conditions or time intervals. With its integrated ink optimization technology, PrintFactory can significantly reduce ink consumption by 20% on average. This not only enhances print quality and stability but also contributes to cost savings through reduced ink usage.


API integration is for customers with an established software development strategy and their own in-house development teams with extensive experience of the PrintFactory ecosystem.


PrintFactory’s Device-Link Profiling color management solution differs from ICC profiles by removing the room for error that creeps in due to extra maths, wear and tear, differences in substrates, ink, or any outside influences.

PrintFactory’s VISU™ Device Link engine improves print quality by producing more accurate reds and oranges. It also has better ink-saving capabilities compared to other engines. The addition of LAT and Reference profile tuning makes it the most powerful color engine in the large format printing industry. The built-in printer calibration wizard can match multiple devices, which reduces media wastage, ink consumption, and turnaround times. This allows for printing work across multiple devices with consistent results. VISU™ makes device-link profiling easy and accessible, making it a great tool for improving print quality and efficiency.


PrintFactory uses XML instructions instead of PDFs to improve production times and efficiency. Other RIPs copy and paste blocks of color, resulting in larger file sizes and slower processing times. However, PrintFactory’s workflow software writes instructions that describe file placement, media use, and individual profiles, resulting in faster production times, less wasted media, and no network lag, media mistakes, or layout errors. This approach is made possible through the use of cutting-edge technology and allows for a real-time conversation between the software and the RIP.

The connection methods include Hotfolder and API, allowing direct connection to the cloud, which sends the file to the RIP. Labels are Variable Data (VD) documents by default, allowing all data from the XML to be addressed.


Our recommendations and minimum system requirements offer general guidelines for running PrintFactory.
Hardware should meet or exceed specified specifications.
Only currently approved and tested operating system versions should be installed. Installing unapproved versions may cause operational issues with PrintFactory.