With PrintFactory’s tools in place, your team will be working smarter not harder. Check, fix, and process more files in less time. It’s as easy as that. Here’s how:

With PrintFactory’s comprehensive ecosystem, your team will work smarter, not harder. Check, fix, and process files with remarkable speed and simplicity. It’s as easy as that.

PrintFactory’s Editor Desktop App is equipped with all the essential editing features found in premium design software like InDesign and Photoshop, and even more. You can effortlessly handle tasks such as font adjustments, image changes, artwork tweaks, and type repositioning. But it’s the integration with device-link profiling and the XML technology behind our Layout Desktop App that truly sets us apart, making a significant impact on your business.

If you have multiple printers, you’ve likely encountered workflow islands—printers, RIPs, and computers that aren’t interconnected. Pre-press teams typically work with the Adobe Suite on macs, while production tools are often integrated with RIPs running on Windows or Linux. Moreover, pre-press activities occur in an office setting, while production takes place on the shop floor. This results in the need for multiple licenses for editing software (limited to one user at a time), increased chances of errors, and frequent job resubmissions. Additionally, RIP operators may end up performing editing tasks instead of focusing on their primary role of maintaining printers.

PrintFactory’s Editor works seamlessly across your network, irrespective of the operating system—macOS, Windows, or Linux. You can install it on multiple devices in any location. This flexibility enables job preparation wherever it’s needed, freeing your team from being tied to a single RIP and eliminating bottlenecks caused by last-minute changes. By centralizing the RIP and tools, your team gains the freedom to work on-site or remotely, while providing you with complete visibility of the entire workflow.

When working on complex designs like floor graphics, wall-sized maps, murals, building graphics, or vehicle wraps, design software limitations can become a hindrance. Artwork often doesn’t fit perfectly at a 1:1 scale in programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, leading to production issues.

With PrintFactory, you can bid farewell to complicated calculations or notes in a job bag. Our Editor tool aligns with a designer’s thought process. It offers unlimited scaling options without room for error. Simply type in the finished size of a job and specify the unit—feet, meters, inches, or centimeters. The RIP operators no longer need to manually calculate scaling, eliminating the need for trial prints and reducing unnecessary ink and media waste. It’s that easy.

Let’s not overlook the essential features included in PrintFactory’s Editor. From font styles and typographic errors to kerning, image sizes, and colors, our Editor provides the versatility of a complete design package right within the workflow software.

PrintFactory’s Editor employs the same PDF engine used by the RIP, ensuring that the on-screen changes you make are precisely reflected in the final print. You can adjust fonts, images, colors, scale, and formatting—all within the app—without the need for additional studio time.

It seamlessly works with various file formats, including PDFs, PSDs, TIFFs, JPGs, EPS, and AI. No more switching between software, importing files, making amendments, saving, and causing server congestion.

Our customers rave about PrintFactory’s Editor, declaring it their preferred choice over other design packages.

NEW: Our Workflow Desktop Tool automates prepress workflows, effortlessly transforming artwork into finished products.

Revolutionize Job Preparation with PrintFactory

PrintFactory is more than just workflow software—it’s a game-changing print software ecosystem that includes an exceptional built-in Editor Desktop App, eliminating the need for additional design licenses. But that’s not all. Say goodbye to workflow islands that slow down production. Get ready for smarter, more efficient printing with guaranteed results.