Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees, Add-Ons or confusing “optional extras”!

PrintFactory Makes The Large Format Process As Simple And Cost Effective As Possible.

Our simple ‘per-printer’ licensing makes it affordable for any customer, and our monthly SaaS plans can be used as part of lease payment, or consumable lead financing. Here’s how it works:

PrintFactory’s RIP offers a faster and more efficient way of managing printers and cutters, avoiding conflicts and creating a centralized workflow. With the ability to install unlimited copies and pay only for the devices used, the cloud-based RIP supports over 3500 printer and cutter drivers and features automatic fail-over support and device-to-device handling. 

With PrintFactory, you only pay for the devices you use. Our straightforward per printer license model ensures that you are charged based on your connected devices and not per user, eliminating unnecessary costs and providing complete transparency.

And Cutters are Free when added to a Printer subscription!

With PrintFactory SaaS your software is always up-to-date, 

so you can access all the functionality you need more quickly, regardless of location, with the flexibility to scale at speed. And remove the need for additional IT staff to maintain it because it’s centrally managed and supported.

By publishing our Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), we ensure consistent and transparent pricing no matter where you purchase PrintFactory. We strongly encourage our resellers to adhere to MSR Pricing and to itemize any separate service or installation fees, providing you with complete transparency.

PrintFactory offers the most comprehensive RIP-based workflow available. Our ecosystem provides all the essential tools for large format digital printing, integrated into a single subscription. Choose between two options: Desktop Production or Cloud Connect (which includes all the Production tools). This means that you don’t need separate costly software licenses for Color Management or Nesting etc.


Do you look at price or value?

Value = Benefits / Cost.

A small change to your workflow could boost your profits by 20% or more – and the money you save will pay for the workflow from day 1!

Automating repetitive tasks can save time, improve productivity, reduce mistakes, free up staff for more important tasks or other projects. You may be able to automate all manual processes or just some of them, depending on the needs of your business.