DTF (Digital Transfer Film)

In the dynamic world of textile printing, one term is currently creating waves: DTF, or Digital Transfer Film. This innovation has taken the industry by storm, and PrintFactory proudly supports this cutting-edge printing technology. 

But what exactly is DTF?

Instead of printing designs directly onto textiles, you now print them onto transfer film. After printing, the transfers are coated with a hotmelt adhesive on the back, which is later activated through a simple heat press when transferring the print onto the textile.

Here’s why DTF is making such a splash:

  • Ideal for Any Print Volume: Whether it’s single prints (sheet material) or large print runs (roll material), DTF handles it all.
  • No More Textile Pre-Treatment: Say goodbye to the hassles of pre-treating textiles.
  • Seamless Printing and Transfer: Printing and transferring to the fabric can occur back-to-back. Plus, you can print transfer films in advance, storing them for later use, making DTF ideal for off-site applications, like events or pop-up stores
  • Minimal White Ink Usage: Since the printing happens on film, the need for white ink is drastically reduced.
  • Durability and Quality: DTF prints are exceptionally resilient to washing at temperatures up to 60°C. They offer outstanding stretch properties and are impressively hard-wearing.
  • Versatile on Various Materials: DTF is perfect for light, colored, and especially dark materials such as cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics, spandex, nylon, and even leather.
  • No Weeding Required: Forget about time-consuming weeding, a common step in other transfer methods.


Watch a Video Here on how PrintFactory DTF works